Need help turning your MAN into A DAD ?

testosterone a little miffed at dad Need help turning your MAN into A DAD ?Mom’s are hormonally designed to be loving and caring and Dad’s are, well MANLY.

But research from the University of Notre Dame suggests Mother Nature gives even the most MANLY of Dads, a little hormonal help, to ensure once he has whooed the girl and put a ring on her finger, he ends up being a FABULOUS FATHER.

The secret to turning THE MAN, into a DAD, is in getting him involved, particularly in the NIGHT SHIFT.

Night duties

The research team gathered 362 new Dads, between the ages of 25-26 years old and scrutinized just how involved they were in being a Dad.

The BIG question each Dad had to answer, was not if they knew how to change a diaper or whether they had ever gotten up in the middle of the night, to feed howling junior (something modern technology allows, just get the chemistry right). But where were they sleeping.

The sleeping options were

  • Alone (Ag shame !)
  • In the same room as their little one or
  • On the same surface as their little one

NOTE : The study was carried out in the Phillipines, were families traditionally sleep together on “the floor”, in the same room.

Testosterone leaves the room

Once the researchers had delved into the sleeping arrangements, they then tested each Father’s testosterone level.

Testosterone is a measure of just how MANLY, a man really is.

The testosterone levels were measured from saliva samples (no needles meant no unmanly tears), at two different times during the course of the day, upon waking and again just prior to sleep.

Waking hormone levels level

All fathers started the day with pretty much the same levels of testosterone. So they were able to go about their day, being suitably manly and bringing home the bacon.

But father’s who were very close to their little one’s during the night, started the evening with a significantly lower level of testosterone.

Mother Nature’s blueprint for a great Dad

It makes sense, as a rule, aggressive macho guys, stuffed with too much testosterone, aren’t likely to be great Dads. And testosterone starved wimps – won’t be able to protect and provide, as well as they should.

The message is clear, Mother Nature intends Dads to be involved in parenting. So no more excuses – dirty diapers are part of the plan and the more involved you are, the easier it becomes.

NOTE : If Mother Nature blessed you with a great Dad and you can, make sure to find a moment today to let him know how grateful you are, give him a bear hug or make a short phone call. 

Does Cosleeping Contribute to Lower Testosterone Levels in Fathers? Evidence from the Philippines. PLoS ONE, 2012; 7 (9): e41559.  Lee T. Gettler, James J. McKenna, Thomas W. McDade, Sonny S. Agustin, Christopher W. Kuzawa 

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