You should torture your sweet potatoes before cooking them

sweet potatoes being electrocutedYou know anti-oxidants are good for you, because oxidative stress ends up disrupting your body chemistry, creating wrinkles, brain fog and forgetfulness.
You’re always on the hunt for ways to get more of these chemicals, which mop up oxygen radicals and things, which cause inflammation, which leads to DIS-EASE.

You’re already,

You might want to add, electrocuting sweet potatoes to your anti-oxidant tool box.

No kidding, getting ordinary sweet potatoes frothing at the mouth, with a jolt of electricity, turns them into a anti-oxidant power house.

Torturing sweet potatoes

A team of Japanese scientists discovered that torturing sweet potatoes (and real potatoes too), is a relatively easy thing to do and besides being quite a lot of fun, it ends up being a GOOD thing to do.

Okay, lets clarify – GOOD for humans. It probably isn’t that GOOD for the sweet potato. Having a high voltage electric current streaming through your flesh can’t be considered GOOD, even if you are just a plant’s storage cupboard.

NOTE : The researchers did not electrocute the plant ! So no plant was harmed during this experiment.

So what was good about it ?

Applying an electric current to a sweet potato, causes the potato to turn on the polyphenol switch, so the levels rise by as much as 60 %. The EXTRA polyphenols take the sweet potato from an ordinary nutrient dense food, to a super food.

For the record, the superduper improved potato – tastes the same.

So stress does not always kill – it sometimes fattens.

The team discovered the best torture method was to plop the potato in some salty water and send a 0.2 Amp current through the water for about 5 minutes. This really is quite easy to do !

Who should be doing this ?

You’re might be thinking – why bother

I like the odd sweet potato, but shocking it into delivering a few extra polyphenols and things seems a bit like overkill. After all, I’m doing the health thing….. I’m eating five fruits and vegetables each day.

But, in many parts of the world, a sweet potato is not an accessory on an already full plate, it occupies the whole plate. Sweet potato serve as a staple food, more than 95 % of the global sweet potato crop grows in the developing world.

An “electrocuted” sweet potato can help do more than just fill a hungry belly, it can provide nutrients that are often missing from under nourished people i.e. address hidden hungers.

An electrifying nutritional experience

Setting up a system to electrocute sweet potatoes is pretty easy, so if you really do want to add a few extra polyphenols to your dinner, give it a try.

Here is a photo of the experimental set up you will need….

electrocuting sweet potatoe

Kazunori Hironaka, Ph.D

Just make sure you don’t accidentally electrocute yourself.

Electrifying success in raising antioxidant levels in sweet potatoes - press release from the American Chemical Society.

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