Sleep !

Most people tend to think of sleep as being the time when your brain and body is turned off.  But this really isn’t true – both your brain and body work hard when you are “off”.  Sleep is a master switch, which costs  nothing  to trigger but is regularly forgotten.

Regrettably we are not designed to run on a 24 hour day – sleep is not a luxury but a necessity.  Most of us have figured out that  not getting enough has a negative effect on what you look like and how we behave / think,  but the connection between sleep and health extends to metabolism as well.

Of course, the young, fool hardy and ambitious driven individuals, often deliberately cut out sleep, but for many of us (me included) – doing time IN BED is not the issue, the problem is actually sleeping.

The trouble with not getting enough sleep








Obesity / insulin resistance / cardiovascular problems


Infertility problems




Strategies to catch a little more shut eye


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