The “little” spoons

Have you ever a meal without using any spices ?    What did it taste like ?    Pretty bland.  It was probably still edible but would not have won any culinary cudos.

A pinch of this and a dab of that is what lifts the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Too little or too much can ruin the meal.

Each of us needs a pinch of this and a dab of that to lift us from the ordinary to the extraordinary. What we need depends on our genes and our environment.   Too little leaves us functioning below standard as we battle “hidden hungers”  while too much causes overload leading to  toxicity.

It could be magnesium , chromium, creatine, palmeitoic acid or whatever.

These are the “little spoons”.   The list is very long.

Fixing  hidden hungers or overdoses  is not easy because there is no one size fits all.   The size of the spoon depends on the individual. 

A good place to begin is to follow the age old advice of eating a balanced diet with a wide variety of plant based foods.  Try to find things you like.  If eating this way is too difficult then explore supplement options.

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