Cultivate your microflora

In addition to our own cells, you also carry around lots of bacteria (in fact, there are more bacteria living in you than cells that are you !).  Some parts of us are sterile (unless we are sick) but other parts depend on the presence of these microbes for health.  It is estimated that the average human gut has 1000 different types of bacteria.  Scientists are not really sure of exact numbers because we have not “met” all the bacteria yet.  Advances in biology have allowed us to “see” evidence of them by looking at their genes.   The bacteria do more than just live inside of us – they play a vital role in helping us digest our food and balance out our immune system so it is important to “Cultivate your microflora”.   If your environment is not hospitable, you will attract unsavoury characters that can have  negative impact on your health.

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Stress eruptions cause gut residents to flee   Tame the pylori burn with a probiotic fire-fighter Eating a tub of yogurt or two changes the gut zoo
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Colon cancer fat busting yoghurt coming to a supermarket shelf near you

Love connections begin in the GUT Digesting sushi requires “practice”


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Gut bacteria salvage overcooked broccoli’s anti-cancer powers