Did you forget to pack away your winter fat layer ?

vitamin D leaving at the end of summerSkinny bean poles, the few of them that still exist, are set to freeze their tooshes off in winter, because they don’t have any winter clothes.

I’m not talking about a shortage of winter woollies, but rather a shortage of the insulating fat layer which helps keep the body warm and toasty.

The fat advantage

If you are carrying a few extra kilograms – winter is probably less of health risk. Well, from an evolutionary perspective it is.

If you think back to the days when there were no heaters and if you wanted to eat, you had to go out and kill something – a few extra pounds would definitely have been a plus.

  • For starters, the extra layer would have helped you keep warm.
  • And, if food ran low, which was extremely likely, your fat supply could be used to sustain you, until food supplies were restored.
  • Insulin resistance and a little hypertension, would also have been potentially advantageous, since both condition increase thermogenic capacity i.e. turn you into a mini heater.

Since we are talking about a time before the evening weather forecast and calendars etc. your body had to “know” when to fatten up, so that you would be able to survive the icy days of winter.

Being fat regulated by the sun

The onset of winter begins when the sun takes a holiday. The “absence” of the sun results in a drop in the levels of ultraviolet- B radiation.

The production of Vitamin D depends on UV-B light energizing cholesterol in the skin, so that it turns into a vitamin D precursor. This is eventually turned into active vitamin D, which circulates the body, turning various genes on and off.

So vitamin D is the signal used by the body to “know” when winter has arrived and when it is over.

  • A drop in vitamin D levels signals it is about to get cold, really cold, so the body should put on it’s winter coat.
  • At the end of winter, vitamin D levels rise, so the body “knows” it is time to put the winter clothes away.

A perfect system…………”Mother Nature” is so smart. The arrangement ensures your wardrobe matches the seasons – it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

365 days of winter

A perfect system, provided you actually spend some time under the sun soaking up those UV-B rays.

But modern man typically avoids the sun, either by hiding indoors or hiding under layers of protective clothing and creams. Vitamin D deficiency / insufficiency is an invisible epidemic.

Obesity caused by very long winters ?

man with his winter coat still on in summer

Obesity is also an epidemic, just a more visible epidemic…

The big question – are the two epidemics connected ?


Lots of studies have shown that fat people tend to have low vitamin D levels. It has been argued by some, that this is a consequence of being fat, others see it as the cause.

Put on your summer clothes

Either way, it makes sense to “fix” your vitamin D levels.

Make sure you put away your winter wardrobe and tap into a little lizard wisdom for better health. (89)

Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of common obesity. Med Hypotheses. (2009) 72(3):314-21. Foss YJ.


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