Windows are opening up to solar power

solar power shining through a window Windows are opening up to solar powerMost of us are familiar with the idea of big (pretty ugly looking) panels, being strapped to building roof tops, to gather solar energy.

The current state of play, sees these roof top contraptions, being used to heat water.

Unfortunately, the surface area of the roof of a high rise building, is never going to have the capacity to heat the multiple homes, under its roof.

But, the roof is not the only place the sun shines on….

Window dressing

Researchers from UCLA have taken one step closer, to turning ordinary windows into electricity generating machines, that people can still see through.

The team have developed an almost see through solar cell, which absorbs light in the infrared spectrum (this is part of the spectrum which our eyes can’t see). The energy, that is absorbed by the special “invisible” plastic, is turned into electricity. Energy that can be used to run all those power hungry appliances , we NEED to run our lives.

The team hope that all it will take to GO GREEN, will be an application of a little window dressing.

Windows are already wearing sun tan lotion

Solar energy is the ultimate sustainable energy AND it seems, humans need a daily dose of sun to sustain optimum health.

Since windows, by their very nature are wearing sun tan lotion i.e. they block the vital energy rays necessary to power up the chemical reaction, which converts the cholesterol in our skin, to vitamin Done of our power hormones.

Make sure you don’t hide behind the windows in your life.

Catch a little solar power.

Visibly Transparent Polymer Solar Cells Produced by Solution Processing. ACS Nano (2012) 6(8):7185-7190. Chun-Chao Chen, Letian Dou, Rui Zhu, Choong-Heui Chung, Tze-Bin Song, Yue Bing Zheng, Steve Hawks, Gang Li, Paul S. Weiss, Yang Yang

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