Did you know skin wrinkles are a sign of bone wrinkles ?

bone ironing out skin wrinklesSkin wrinkles are a sensitive issue – no woman wants them and most of us spend huge sums of money attempting to hold back the clock.

For the most part, unless you have them lifted up, they’re pretty difficult to iron out.

Body chemistry is the major role player in skin appearance. To really look good, you need to work on better body chemistry – a detail, the cosmetic industry aren’t too keen on publicizing, because it would drop their sales.

Crow’s feet and crumbling toes

Researchers from Yale School of Medicine have added to the misery of those crow’s feet and laughter lines. A team of researchers have discovered that the wrinkles on the outside, are a sign of wrinkles on the inside, specifically wrinkly bones.

The team made this wrinkle/bone connection, when they looked at the bones and facial wrinkles of a group of 114 women who are part of a big study, known as the KEEPS study (Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study). Only women who had not had cosmetic therapy were included in the study so the playing field was level to begin with.

Measuring the wrinkles

All the women participating in the study, were in their late 40s or early 50s, and had officially entered menopause since they had stopped menstruating within the last three years.

Each women had the wrinkles on her face and neck scrutinized. The number, position and depth were all carefully documented. Along with the firmness of the skin on the forehead and the cheeks – this was assessed using a durometer.

Bone “wrinkles” were measured using a dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) machine which records bone density. This was augmented with a ultrasound reading on the heel.

More wrinkles less bone

The study revealed that ladies with high wrinkle scores had lower bone density scores.

The wrinkle effect was seen on all the bones studied i.e. the hip, lumbar spine and heel.

More wrinkles, always meant less bone, no matter how old the person was or how fat or thin they were.

The hip bone is connected to…

So how is your hip bone connected to your jaw line ?

The research team speculate the connection is collagen.

Collagen is the protein that glues the skin together. It is also one of the proteins that holds bone together as well.

Sagging skin is an outward sign of a collagen short fall.

The collagen shortage extends far beyond what the eye can see, it includes what requires expensive high tech bone density equipment to see.

Take the wrinkle test

Weak bones are at risk of snapping.

As we age, broken bones are more than just a nuisance – they can kill (usually through shock) and impair mobility and independence.

A lot of the time, a bone break is the first indication of trouble. If the bone that breaks is the femoral neck or the hip, the first break may be fatal.

You can lower the risk of bone breaks through lifestyle and drugs.

Ask the mirror…

The evil queen learned about Snow White through the help of a somewhat opinionated mirror.

Maybe you should ask your mirror the BIG QUESTION.

No, not who is the fairest of them all – you already know it’s not you. The question……..

Mirror mirror on the wall, can you predict a fall ?

If it says, yes. Take action to lower your fracture risk.

Not just skin and bones: Wrinkles could predict women’s bone fracture risk - press release from Yale University

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