Liposuction feels like the fat problem is fixed but it isn’t

sucking out the fat with liposuctionIf you’re struggling with your weight, odds are you have fantasized about hooking yourself up to a fat sucking vacuum cleaner and having the extra layer instantly removed.

The liposuction option

It has been around for years and is the most popular plastic surgery technique.

Can you remove those whiny wimpy fat cells, that make you look like an oversized lump and eat away at your health and wellbeing, in one big clean out ?

Does mortgaging the house you live in, to fix your body house, warrant the expense ?

  • The plastic surgeon will say yes. He is making money.
  • Your significant other might say yes too. Your shape will improve, temporarily at least.
  • The science says – probably NOT.

The fat returns

The quick fix fat removal does not last forever, in fact, within a year it is back !

Using state of the art equipment which allows the positioning of fat cells to be pin pointed with precision, University of Colorado researchers mapped the position of fat cells in people who had undergone liposuction.

They found the fat creep back, always occurred. The NEW fat cells often showed up in different places, particularly around the belly, but they showed up.

NOTE : Belly fat is the most dangerous kind of fat, because this is the fat which is most metabolically active, contributing to the numerous health risks associated with those extra pounds.

Fat returns after dieting as well

To be fair, painting a negative picture of fat creeping back following liposuction is only a half truth. Most of the time, fat returns with vengeance following any attempt to extricate it from the body.

The problem is not unique to humans, it happens in rodents as well, so it is unlikely just a will power thing. Clearly, the body doesn’t appreciate losing its blubber layer and works hard to restore it.

The why is still a little unclear, but it is driven by disturbed body chemistry.

The fat trap

The take home message – avoid getting on the obesity round-about in the first place, by reining in excess insulin.the fat trap

NOTE : Insulin’s major role in the body is to “handle” the excess calories by storing them as fat for a rainy day. Insulin is released in response to high carbohydrate meals, the more carbohydrate, the more insulin – the more insulin, the more fat needs to be stored. The more fat that needs to be stored, the more fat cells are required. Baby fat cells, whine and whinge producing adipokines which contribute insulin resistance (and more insulin known as hyperinsulinemia) as well as inflammation.

Cancel membership of the fat club

If you are already a card carrying member of the fat club – do what you can to cancel your membership, before you move onto becoming a premium member suffering from diabetes etc.

There is not going to be a quick fix, but concentrate on shifting the energy equation to

Energy in < Energy out

Understanding why you are a hefa-lump will help you manage your energy equation.

And follow the rule of thirds at every meal because as far as the body is concerned – all calories are not created equal.

Fat Redistribution Following Suction Lipectomy: Defense of Body Fat and Patterns of Restoration. Obesity (2011) 19, 1388-1395.   Teri L. Hernandez, John M. Kittelson, Christopher K. Law, Lawrence L. Ketch, Nicole R. Stob, Rachel C. Lindstrom, Ann Scherzinger, Elizabeth R. Stamm, Robert H. Eckel.


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