The chemical structure of caffeine for the more chemically inclined…..caffeine

adenosine going to bed

 How caffeine keeps you going and going 

Caffeine is one of my favourite drugs – have lots of personal experience as a regular user and despite all the negative publicity, from the so called health gurus, at normal doses the benefits  outweigh the risks.

 Hire Dr Sandy  to speak  your next corporate function.   The keynote speech “How Father Christmas survives Christmas” will have your audience in stitches as they learn how judicious use of caffeine keeps the North Pole running.

Tit bits about the good, the bad and the ugly of caffeine from the blog.

bees addicted to caffeine
caffeine controlling SHBG
bacteria living on caffeine only
Caffeine increases bee productivity   A coffee a day keeps diabetes away Living on caffeine alone is possible 
coffee aroma switching on genes caffeine fiddling with the brain switches  caffein hangover 
Coffee aromatherapy can give the brain a bit of a buzz Caffeine is the ultimate party killjoy  Java Junkies. The truth about caffeine addiction 
caffeine makes your muscles go-go    
Caffeine can wake up your muscles to make you go-go     


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