Introducing the 7 Big Spoons


Transcript of “The Boa and the can-can girl”

Once upon a time, in another body.

A couple million sperm began a great quest to find a princess at the end of the Fallopian tube. It was a momentous journey – only one of the sperm cells would be able to claim success and take the beautiful princess’s hand.

The journey was gruelling, many lost their way or just lost their go. But the bravest most handsome prince of all found the egg princess. He swept her off her feet, and the two of them fused together. As they fused, unlike many unions of today, the two cells shared everything, each contributed equally. Each contributed one set of all the genes necessary to create a new human being. Their precious genetic gift for this new human was wrapped in a beautiful purple boa.

Under the guidance of the regulator genes the process of putting together the new human began.

The regulator sent some cells to create the skeleton, others were sent to create a layer of skin to wrap everything in. The brainy one’s were sent to create the body’s control centre, while others were allocated to other major organs to ensure that the body’s metabolism would run smoothly.    As with all things, some cells didn’t get the cushy jobs and were condemned to be cells that would be dispised. Maybe even forcefully removed via liposuction.

Each cell was allocated a beautiful boa, tweaked so that it would allow the cell to do the job it had been allocated.

Our story is about a very special cell. A femme fatale. Madomoselle muscle.

Each cell received gift of the purple boa.

Who would grow up be a FABULOUS dancer. She had presence and poise and grace.

But everytime she performed a few feathers fell off the boa.

Initially it was not too noticeable. The boa just got a little bit shorter but she was still able to perform.

But the day came, when the boa was too short. She could no longer strut her stuff.  She was no longer a strong beautiful muscle with power.
Madame had become old.  As a muscle she was weak - simple task like opening up the pickle jar and getting out of a chair, became challenging.

The Science

Every time our DNA is replicated we lose one feather. It has to be that way to protect the DNA. If this didn’t happen, the DNA would just simply unwind completely.

So when a cell receives the DNA package, the package has very special ends, called telomeres. it has already been decided, how many times the cell will be able to divide. Once it reaches that limit, the cell typically dies immediately or it limps along doing its best to perform.

Now there is good news and bad news.

How many times your cells are going to divide is programmed right at the beginning.

If you’re programmed to go 50 rounds – you will look and feel like you’re nighty in the shade earlier than if you were programmed to go 100 rounds.

Telomere length is connected with longevity.

But genes are not everything.

Your genes interact with “environment”. So what you do can influence the length of your telomeres.

You can make it worse. But you can also make it better.

Oxidative stress creates damage.  The fix…………….. you need to create less oxidation.  The million dollar question is how ?   What fires up the furnace ?

The human body is very complex and there a lots of switches, many of which are not under your direct control.

But there are a few that you can control.   I call them……………the 7 Big Spoons, getting these “right” will help create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH.

So what are they…………….

The first……………DIAL DOWN STRESS.  No surprise here, but your definition of stress needs to extend beyond just the psycho-social traumas to include your physical environment and biochemistry.

Get enough sleep and sleep at the right time.

Watch that thinking – thoughts are far more tangible than they appear.  A thought can release a flood of happy chemicals or an avalanche of stress chemicals.

Next you want to Rein in insulin to ensure insulin sensitivity is optimal and sugar levels never spike.

You want to have the right bugs hanging out with you.  Science is discovering who is who in your zoo, reallty matters.

Cells talk to each other, the language is chemical. You can butt into their conversations.  So you need to balance your eicosanoids i.e. get your omega3 and omega 6 ratio in sync

The last big switch is increase your vitamin D.  Catch some sun rays.

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The 7 Big Spoons™…. are master switches that turn health on.

balance eicosanoids rein in insulin dial down stress sleep vitamin D microflora think
Balance Eicosanoids Rein in insulin Dial down stress Sleep ! Increase Vit D Culivate microflora Think champion

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