Is overwhelm turning your fat cells into hypochondriacs ?

stressed out fat cell thinking it is under attackWhen you’re FULL OF A COLD…………. you feel MISERABLE. It is amazing how one little virus, can make you feel so………………….. lousy.

Fluid continually runs down your nose, creating a raw spot which when you touch it, and you’re forced to touch it constantly, as you struggle to mop up the toxic liquid which is pouring out. Breathing is laboured, because your sinuses are blocked up and periodically, your whole body vibrates in anguish, as the cough reflex attempts to clear those irritated nasal passages.

Turns out, that virus is not working alone.

Most of the misery is actually part of your body’s master plan to oust the enemy. The immune system ……….. plays dirty, when there is an infection, it has to…. to get the upper hand.

Waving the immune system over

The immune system uses complex signalling systems to sort out friend from foe.

The presence of a virus in a cell………………causes the cell to raise the flag to let the immune system know it’s in trouble. This signalling system involves special proteins, known as the major histocompatiability II complex.

Any cell experiencing UNTOWARD activities….. let’s the immune system know, by expressing this complex protein on their surface.

Untoward activities

Now raising the flag….. is the RIGHT THING TO DO, in the midst of an infection. It quickly makes the cell the centre of attention. And being the centre of attention………….. is HELPFUL. It brings knights in shining armour, T cells, to your rescue.

But raising the flag when it is not called for………… brings the wrong kind of help. You wanted a helping hand, not the deployment of the body’s defence system.

Fat cells under pressure raise MHCII

It seems, when fat cells feel a little overwhelmed – they cry out for a little attention.

Scientists from The Methodist Hospital found that fat cells from overweight humans (female), are calling out for help by releasing the MHCII distress signals, even though there is no evidence they are under attack.

The cries for help, get the immune cells in a tizzy………the cells respond the way they’ve been trained, with a full out immune response, the end result, INFLAMMATION.

For the fat cells – all they wanted was a helping hand – not full scale war.

A fire in the belly

Unhappy fat cells, definitely contribute to the health troubles associated with obesity.

Up until now, fat cells were seen more as the victim of a generalized inflammatory process, initiated by excess quantities of the leptin hormone.

But, this study suggests…………… fat cells are setting off the process. They’re actually looking for a little sympathy and a helping hand, so they start acting a bit like a hypochondriac, when they have too much to do.

They tell the body, they’re being attacked by some kind of mythical beast…………..hoping for a little relief.

Unfortunately, the resultant attention from the immune system… leaves them further under the weather – a immune system on the war path, creates collateral damage.

Sniffing, snotting and sensitive to the touch.

An innocent plea, for a little attention, goes horribly wrong.

The fat cells accidently unleash what amounts to flames of destruction and once the fire gets started, it is hard to douse those flames.

Pay your fat cells attention

I am sure it has happened to you…………. you have SO MUCH TO DO, doing it feels impossible. To manage the stress, maybe on occasion you’ve feigned sickness and taken a ME DAY. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

This research suggests………….. fat cells, who are being asked to process large numbers of calories, cry out for a me day.

Unfortunately, the me day does not always bring the desired relief…

Help out your fat cells, decrease their workload by keeping a check on those calories in ….. don’t wait until things go POSTAL.

Class II Major Histocompatibility Complex Plays an Essential Role in Obesity-Induced Adipose Inflammation. Cell Metabolism (2013) 17 (3) 411-422. Tuo Deng, Christopher J. Lyon, Laurie J. Minze, Jianxin Lin, Jia Zou, Joey Z. Liu, Yuelan Ren, Zheng Yin, Dale J. Hamilton, Patrick R. Reardon, Vadim Sherman, Helen Y. Wang, Kevin J. Phillips, Paul Webb, Stephen T.C. Wong, Rong-fu Wang, Willa A. Hsueh. 

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