Discover the secret to a great passport picture

Not so great passport photo

Passport  pictures are invariably freaky,  but a little beauty sleep increases the chances you won’t  look like Frankenstein meets the wolfman.   

The photo test

Researchers in Sweden,  have validated the idea that getting good night’s sleep is the secret to good passport photos. 

 The researchers took photos of several people on two different occasions. 

  1. Following a peaceful night’s sleep
  2. Following a night where sleep was in short supply

These photos were then shown to other people, who were asked to evaluate the overall attractiveness and health status of the person in the picture.

Only after midday

The photos weren’t taken as they rolled out of bed to avoid scaring the observers.

Not sure how you start the day, but early morning images of me would definitely be overwhelming under ALL circumstances.   I think it is the hair.   Every bit is going in a different direction, leaving the impression that I rolled out of bed and stuck my finger in an electric socket.

In this study, the photos were taken at a civilized time,  between 2 and 3 pm.  The participants were allowed to do basic grooming i.e. brush their hair and teeth but no allowed to disguise anything by applying makeup.  When they posed for the photo, they were required to adopt a “relaxed”, neutral facial expression.

The photo doesn’t lie

The stunning thing,  the casual observer  could  spot whether  the person had got their required dose of  sleep or not  !

So,  moral of the story is try to catch enough zees to avoid looking like something the cat dragged in when you stand before the camera.   And if your’re having a mug shot done, for some or other official document, only do it if you’ve had a good night.

Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people. BMJ, 341 : 6614; John Axelsson, Tina Sundelin, Michael Ingre, Eus J W Van Someren, Andreas Olsson, Mats Lekander.

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