Pollution is not always coming from the outside

pollution in the kitchenCity living is synonomous with pollution – traffic fumes ebb and flow, as gridlocked traffic, battles to get where it needs to go. As a result, we are sensitized to the quality of the air we breathe OUTSIDE, but we might be missing the real pollution hot spots.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield discovered indoor air, was a whole lot worse than outdoor air, in the heart of many city homes.

Cooking up a health hazard

The engineering team set up their equipment to measure the air quality inside and outside of three residential buildings, within the Sheffield area, over a four week period.

The testing revealed that the location of the building i.e. whether it was in the city or on a quiet country lane, had little impact on pollution levels.

The deciding factor – was how the family cooked their dinner.

A kitchen full of fumes

Overzealous use of pungent spices and pots left on the stove top, a little bit too long, will definitely create momentary kitchen fumes.

But the fumes triggering the engineers sensors are pollutants which typically go undetected by the average human nose, but can cause adverse health affects. These include carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), volatile organic compounds and very small solid particles.

Gas cookers spewing out noxious gasses

The team discovered that in homes using gas, instead of electricity to cook with, the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the kitchen, ended up being three times higher, than the concentrations measured outdoors.

Oops…… the levels found inside, clocked in well above those recommended by British authorities.

Let the gas out

We work hard to keep our homes warm and secure, but keeping the dust and dirt out, could lead to more “dirt” inside.

Remember to open the doors and windows every once in a while, to get a little fresh air in.

Investigation of Indoor Air Pollutants in Residential Buildings. Indoor and Built Environment (2012) C. C. L. Tan, K. N. Finney, Q. Chen, N. V. Russell, V. N. Sharifi, J. Swithenbank.

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