Trees are deluxe super sucking vaccum cleaners clearing the air

tree cleaning up the airWant to clear up the air you’re breathing – then make sure you surround yourself with a couple of trees.

Researchers from the University of Southampton have demonstrated that the trees lining the streets of London, are hoovering up around 2000 tonnes of particulate pollution from the air, every year.

That’s a lot of “nasty” dirt which has the potential to trigger asthma attacks and heart attacks.

Trees sucking up dirt

At school the big emphasis always focused on photosynthesis, and the power of the plant to take in “nasty” CO2 and send out, “good” O2 which humans need to survive.

But plants are capable of sending out more than just oxygen laden air, they’re puffing out cleaner air. The tiny stomata pores, pull air into little chambers in the leaves, effectively trapping particulates within the leaf.

Tree planting to combat pollution

So if you’re worried about the quality of the air you’re breathing whether it be because of

It is time to install a state of the art air filtering system, courtesy of mother nature.

Installing the air filtering system

Dig a couple of holes and plant a few trees to set up your air filtering system.

NOTE: It will take awhile before the system functions at its best, but unlike mechanical devices which eventually wear out, this air filtering system will get better with age.

The system depends on selecting the “right” tree for the job. Experts advise you select trees that are evergreen (don’t lose their leaves in winter), so that the air filtering system functions both in summer and winter. It is also prudent to mix and match a little – don’t plant only one variety of tree. Mixing and matching will add aesthetical appeal, but having trees with different heights will ensure the air is cleaned from top to toe.

Mini version for indoor air filtering

Installing a few indoor plants is a good way to supplement the ozone mopping up skin shedding system which comes built in to humans.

Don’t just vacuum the carpets

Vaforest logocuuming the carpets is a routine household chore, shouldn’t vacuuming the air be too ?

The International Year of Forests is drawing to a close – what have you done to celebrate trees this year ?

Remember, forests provide shelter to people, habitat to biodiversity; are a source of food, medicine and clean water; play a vital role in maintaining a stable global climate and environment. Forests are vital to the survival and well being of people everywhere, all 7 billion of us.

Estimating the removal of atmospheric particulate pollution by the urban tree canopy of London, under current and future environments. Landscape and Urban Planning (2011) 103 (2): 129 Matthew Tallis, Gail Taylor, Danielle Sinnett, Peter Freer-Smith. 

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    We need to protect the trees and planted more trees, protect our living environment!

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