Stop counting steps and start counting bites

women who is having her bites countedIt is now time to replace your pedometer with a bitometer.

For years, the health gurus have advised you to move more. Engineers invented a cute little device that you strap onto your body, to measure each step that you take, to help keep you motivated. The target is usually at wopping 10 000 steps per day.

But moving more, doesn’t help if you don’t watch how many fork loads you shove in your mouth.

Grazing is common practice

Unfortunately, nibbling bits and pieces all day is common practice.

Too busy to just sit down and eat a meal, you opt to eat a bite while doing something else. The something else could be driving from one appointment to the other, catching up with friends on facebook or relaxing in front of the TV.

The point is, food is constantly passing between your lips and regrettably onto your hips.

Because the snacking is done whilst doing something else, the extent to which you graze often escapes your consciousness. But grazing adds on the pounds.

Fixing mindless munching

Researchers from Clemson University have come to the rescue.

They have found a way you can have your cake and count it, even when your mind is somewhere else.

The Bite Counter straps onto your wrist and faithfully records every wrist rolling motion you perform.

Wrist rolling is the motion associated with popping food into your mouth.

Of course, the device is not psychic, so it cannot distinguish whether the wrist roll was to pop a piece of chocolate or a forkful of broccoli into your mouth. But it faithfully records the motion. The more bites taken, odds are the more calories are being consumed. More calories translate into more of you in the long run.

Add a bite counter to your gadget collection

Sounds like a fun way to monitor grazing behaviour.

I can see the to-do-list in the diary ……………

  • Empty the dust bin
  • Walk 10 000 steps
  • Finish the JB Report
  • Take 672 bites ……….

Actually, you probably don’t really need to fork out a fortune, to add yet another gadget to your collection to beat the battle of the bulge and control your weight.

Just make every bite count i.e. eat on purpose.

PS.  If you want to add a bite counter to your Christmas wish list – visit the “I count bites” website.

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