Church membership is a health risk

People who are big church goers are also BIG.   Seems that frequent religious participation is not just feeding  people spiritually, they’re feeding their bellies, leading to middle age obesity.

 Religious activity packs on the pounds

Religious activities pack on the pounds

Northwestern University researchers enrolled a group of young adults (2433 people in total),  between the ages of 20 and 32 years, and tracked their wasteline’s, as well as religious participation, for a period of 18 years.

Those that showed a high frequency of religious participation i.e. they attended a religious function at least once a week, were 50 % more likely to be obese by the end of the study, despite starting out within normal weight parameters.

NOTE:  This study shows it is not that fat people find solace and comfort in religion but  religious activity makes people fat !

Problem is probably too many teas with cake

Let’s face it, when people get together, food is usually involved.   Religious functions are no exception.

The difference between being actively involved in a religious organization and a social club is probably in the frequency of those get togethers.

The typical church calendar has multiple opportunities to get together  during the week :

  • The women’s meeting which is  followed by tea and cake
  • The  prayer meeting which is followed by tea and cake
  • The bible study / home cell which is followed by tea and cake
  • The mother’s group / father’s groups which is followed by tea and cake
  • The Sunday service (sometimes twice on Sunday) which is followed by tea and cake

 The problem isn’t the cup of tea but the cake.     

 Cut the cake

Most scientific studies would suggest cutting out religious activities would not be good for overall health.  Religious activity is associated with longevity.

So maybe it is time for the religious to cut out the cake. 

Do people attend church functions  for the cake ?   Probably not, it is just a habit.  And quite clearly, unlike most habits of the religious, such as avoiding smoking, drinking etc. this one is not a healthy practice.

Enjoying tea and cake, is clearly putting on the pounds and those extra pounds set off metabolic disturbances which manifest as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

 Even the religious are subject to the laws of nature

Energy in must equal energy out. 

Munching cake, even for a good cause, is still putting in extra calories.  If you don’t burn them up, you will wind up wearing them around your middle.

At your next social gathering, try stick to tea only. 

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