The teenager

Mothering a teenage mutant is going to be tough….

The average teenager seems to develop a kind of death wish. The objective is to kill you, with worry, as they explore sex, drugs and “rock ‘n roll”. You are the “village idiot”, know nothing, count for nothing, except when the “sky falls” on top of them, in which case you are expected to rush in like a knight in shining armour to save the day. You will not be thanked for your efforts, accept it and move on. I have it on good authority – in most cases they grow up.

Some health issues are unique to the teenage population, most are not.

The blog provides some ideas to get them through school in Neurotechnology Tips , as well as ammunition to use if you find yourself in a “war against drugs” or playing “Agony Aunt” or maybe in agony yourself.

Teenage health issues………..



Ammunition for the war on drugs

PS.  Secret is to drop scientific findings into the conversations casually BUT don’t make a big deal of it.  Nagging tends to be counter-productive.

cannabis terrorizing a brain leading to psychosis tn The teenager


And smartphoneseating with facebook friends tn The teenager



Being a shoulder to cry on when things don’t go exactly as planned

PS.  They usually know more about sex than you do.  Dating advice will also probably need to be subtle as well

e.g.  To your son who is struggling to get a date – “why don’t you wear something red”, because you know that “Men who accessorize with red have sex appeal

thumbnail scary movie effect The teenager



Handling the psychological trauma of being the parent of a teenager

A healthy dose of all 7 of the 7 Big Spoon™s will help, but if you need help in a hurry, try these.

thumbnail aggressive face The teenager


 Managing your own health issues……..

and more…….

Keep the grey hairs and wrinkles which your teenager is creating under wraps…..

and more……..

 Want to learn how to tame those out of control hormones in your teenager ?

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