For big decisions bringing in the bladder to “help” the brain is best

bladder brain connectionWhat career path to choose, which stock to buy, whether to buy a new TV, which one ?

The best time to make the decision is when you are ”cross legged and holding hard”  because you really REALLY really have to “go”.

Full bladders produce “better” decisions

Research from the Netherlands shows that, deciding when your bladder is full, probably produces better decisions.   Of course, “better” is rather subjective but the “better” decision they’re talking about is being able to look past short term benefits for long term rewards.

Something most of us are not too good at doing – that is why you eat the last piece of chocolate cake.  You know it is going to put on the pounds but that is tomorrow’s problem because you want to enjoy the delicious flavour right now !  After the last crumb has gone down – then the remorse sets in.

But if your bladder is full, you appear to be able to think it through and control more than just the bladder sphincter, you also appear to control your “self”.

Bladder  proof  decisions

Volunteers either had their bladders loaded to bursting, by drinking 5 cups (approx 750 ml) of water or kept the bladder comfy by sipping 5 sips of water.  After 40 minutes, enough time for the water to get to the bladder, the participants were required to make eight choices.

The choices were between receiving a small, but immediate, reward or a bigger, but delayed reward.  They weren’t choosing cookies but MONEY ! For example, you could get $ 16 now or $ 30 in 35 days.

People having to concentrate on holding the bladder sphincter tight, were able to hold out for the big bucks.

 Making bottle of water decisions 

This research suggests that you should drink up if you need to make an important decision, particularly when it involves evaluating long and short term benefits. Let me just clarify, drink up water not alcohol.  A dose of alcohol is likely to short circuit the brain leaving you making poor decisions.

Special situations where a bottle of water will enhance the decision making process and save a few pennies.

 Shopping for a new TV with a wallet and a bottle of water

A full bladder based decision might just mean that instead of spending extra money buying the bigger screen TV, you do the “sensible” think and stick with a normal size screen and extra cash in your pocket.

 Other wallet and a bottle of water options

  • A trip to the casino ? 
  •  Buying shares for your stock portfolio ? 

This is biology not magic !  A full bladder will need to be emptied sooner rather than later, so  don’t blame me,  if your shopping expedition includes a visit to a less than savoury loo or embarrassing dribbles.  Bladder control has its limitations.  But practicing bladder control can enhance self control and possibly save a little money.

A full bladder makes you more responsible - story appearing on Association for Psychological Science news service

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