Stress eruptions cause gut residents to flee

 bacteria leaving the stresful environmentIf you’re throwing your toys and getting “upset” because things in your life are …………well, not going quite the way that you would like.  Realize that it is not just the dog / kids / husband / colleagues that are ducking the debris.  The all important bacteria living in your gut are probably also packing their bags and heading for a calmer neighbourhood.

Researchers from Texas have shown that as stress goes up, the types and numbers of bacteria in the gut change. 

Who cares if they leave………

You might be thinking, well who cares if my gut bacteria are abandoning me, one less thing that I have to take care of.

Well, it is a two way street.  Yup, you are providing them with a cushy place to live – it’s warm, cosy and full of nice things to eat (hopefully).  But these little guys do offer you a few benefits in return – well most of them do.   They definitely assist with digestion but more importantly, the gut bacteria seem to be able to “perk” up your overall immune system.

When you’re overcome by stress.  It’s the gentler kinder that up and leave i.e. the good guys.  The sponges and “nasties” stick around. 

The shift in the balance can add to your stress

As the good guys leave – the gut neighbourhood goes down, attracting more and more of the less savoury characters.

Bad gut bacteria typically leads to “bad” health

I’m sure it’s happened to you already.   As your stress levels escalate you find yourself going down with some kind of nuisance ailment such as  a cold or  tummy bug. 

Which of course just adds to your stress.

Who can study with  a streaming cold or worry about putting together a killer presentation when your belly is bloated and sending out stabbing pain constantly.

When the stress is erupting……..

Spare a thought for your gut bacteria by trying to make their environment a little more pleasant i.e. feed them “good” food.  If you suspect there has been a mass exodus of the good guys – try help recolonize with a good probiotic.

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