Painting your desk green will make studying more pleasant

brain embracing its pet geraniumAs a dedicated student your desk time is probably significant. Odds are you don’t have much control over the desk at school, but you are in charge of your workspace at home. So what does that desk look like ?

Relax, I’m not too phased about how messy it is – I want to know, can you see any GREEN while you’re shuffling the books and papers.

A touch of green puts the brain in a significantly better mood, so this week’s Neurotechnology Tip encourages you to plonk something with roots and shoots on or in the vicinity of your desk.

Green desks please

Researchers from Texas University investigated how a little greenery influenced the performance of office bound workers.

The level of desk greenness and overall happiness of office workers was compared, with the help of a job satisfaction survey.

Workers could earn greendesk status if

  • They had a window view of something green and living i.e. green walls didn’t count
  • They had a pot plant in their line of sight

Plants improve productivity and happiness

The survey revealed that green deskers tended to be happier with life in general.

In addition to being in a better physical space at work, because of THE GREEN, they ALSO felt better about their jobs and viewed their bosses and co-workers more favourably.

The green desk effect was seen across the board, from janitor to CEO. Most people benefited from the presence of a plant or two, irrespective of whether they noticed it or not.

Desk greening

If green desks help office workers work better, then a green desk could help you study better.

Eyeballing your pet geranium, delicious monster or a dish of peace, when you momentarily lift your nose out of that book, will give your brain a little peace and satisfaction.

So add a little green to your desk today.

Dead plant will creep out your brain

Plants do need a little TLC. Don’t cover it with your biology notes and remember to give it a drink every now and again.

A dead plant is likely to creep out your brain, not make it happy !

The Effect of Live Plants and Window Views of Green Spaces on Employee Perceptions of Job Satisfaction HortScience (2008) 43: 183-187. Dravigne, Andrea, Waliczek, Tina Marie, Lineberger, R.D., Zajicek, J.M. 

To wire up your brain a little each week ………………..

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