Ladies : Hire a Viking to read to you to improve your recall ability

girl learning from a vikingThis week’s Neurotechnology Tip can be applied by everyone but to experience maximum impact, you need to be a girl.

Use the ear gate

To remember things it is a good idea to get them into your brain using multiple routes. Most of the time we concentrate on using the eye gate i.e. we read stuff.

But using the ear gate is a very effective tool, to load your brain up with those facts and figures.

One way to use the ear gate is simply to talk out loud when you’re studying, obviously this won’t go down well if you’re studying in the library.

A way to get round this is to record what you need to learn as an mp3 file and then just play it back to yourself. You’ll be surprised out how much will go in and stick.

Deep voices mean much more

But now for the part that is especially for girls.

If you want to multiply the “voice in” learning technique, you need to use a deep male voice.

Researcher reported in the journal Memory & Cognition, showed that when women are “taught” things, they remembered better if they listened to a low pitch male voice, rather than a high pitch male voice or a female voice.

Subconscious paying more attention

The researchers speculate that the reason women are better at remembering stuff when it is bellowed out by a deep voice, is that the deep voice triggers the brain’s attention.

Deep voices come from men with lots of testosterone. A guy with lots of testosterone is worth a little more, biologically speaking at least, than one with less.

The brain would be thinking ……………

A testosterone loaded male ………….. he must be big and strong, aggressive and a risk taker with good quality genes…….. worth paying attention to, this guy could make a great Dad.

Yes, biology is really not very sophisticated at times.

Exploit the brain’s weakness for academic success

We could debate the merits of a testosterone loaded jock, but that is not the point of this week’s Neurotechnology Tip.

If you want to power up your memory, load the facts and figures in using a deep male voice.

I am sure you could “borrow” the voice of someone in the family, write out the script you need them to read, and then pitch the idea, you will need to adjust your sales line according to your target.

  • to your Dad – it’s an opportunity to help you improve your academic performance, which will mean you are more likely to eventually get a job and move out
  • to your Grandfather – it’s an opportunity to spend time together and do a little intergenerational bonding
  • to your BIG brother (if he fits the bill in terms of DEEP VOICE) – you’ll buy/give him something and emphasize how manly he is and your need for a REAL man to help you

NOTE : It probably would be best to avoid asking your boyfriend – you might get too much interference from the heart and wind up learning nothing.

Once you’ve got the buy in, then record them reading the script and listen to it, over and over again.

Deep calls to deep

The science says those facts and figures will penetrate the deep dark caverns of the mind.

A modulatory effect of male voice pitch on long-term memory in women: evidence of adaptation for mate choice? Memory & Cognition (2011) .  David S. Smith, Benedict C. Jones, David R. Feinberg and Kevin Allan. 

To wire up your brain a little each week ………………..

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