Hailstones are bacteria enjoying a game of tag

bacteria playing tag in hailstonesI know as humans, we like to think that we rule the world, but although our influence on the planet is profound, the true masters of the planet are not humans but microorganisms.

Bacteria not only hold tremendous sway over our well being, influencing our digestion, immune system and thought life in one way or another, but they manipulate the weather.

Wrath of the gods on campus

Following a major hailstorm on the Montana State University campus, researchers did a little detective work to ascertain exactly what had landed in their backyard.

Selecting only the bigger hailstones, which had pelted down during the storm. The suckers were bigger than 5 cm in diameter – so we’re talking missiles not marbles. They carefully gathered a bunch of these balls and headed for the laboratory. They systematically melted the hail stones – separating them into 4 distinct layers. They then analyzed the water from each of the layers.

The inner core was packed with bacteria.

Hail stones are cultivated by bacteria

When water freezes, it takes the shape of the container it is on or in. You’ve probably experienced the phenomenon first hand, as you’ve sipped a cool beverage with odd shaped ice cubes floating about, keeping things cool.

Hail stones are not any different.

The water has to freeze around something – turns out, at least in that Montana storm, that the something was bacteria.

Bacteria are also rain makers

Most precipitation events, require ice nuclei (IN) to begin.

A variety of particles in the air can do the trick, but bacteria are particularly good at it, because they can do it at much higher temperatures. They do it at -2°C , I know it doesn’t sound very warm, but other things need must lower temperatures up to – 40°C.

The rain dance

Cultivating good bacteria is important for our health.

It seems, cultivating good bacteria in the atmosphere, might be important for planetary health.

Ancient humans often danced around to encourage bacteria to come out to play. The science of whipping up rainclouds with bacteria (bioprecipitation) is in its infancy, but learning the rules of bacteria based aerial games, is important as we tackle the challenges of climate change.

I’m singing in the rain

Next time it rains in your neighbourhood, join in the bacterial game of tag, with a little singing and dancing. Celebrate that glorious feeling, as you come up close and personal with these special characters.

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