To overcome lactose intolerance borrow some lactase from your bugs

borrow lactase from your bacteria to overcome lactose intoleranceMilk is probably good for more than just babies, but for many humans, drinking milk is a gassy glitch. A glass of milk causes large quantities of noxious gas, bloating and diarrhea.

Too little lactase causes lactose intolerance

The trouble arises when the lactose, the sugar in milk, lies about the gut because it cannot be broken down so it can be absorbed.

The reason the lactose is piling up, is because the gut is missing the lactase enzyme.

As humans, we come wired with the necessary programme to make lactase, so digesting mom’s provision is not a problem. But as we age, the programme shuts down, leaving most adults with a shortage.

The shortage causes tummy troubles when a dairy-based meal is consumed.

If you don’t make it, borrow it

Many interpret the absence of human synthesized lactase as an indication that drinking milk as a grown up is WRONG.

But dairy tastes good and is a fabulous source of a number of important nutrients, especially calcium. Several studies have shown dieters who DO DAIRY, do better in terms of both their figures and health.

So how can you DO DAIRY without lactase ?

Borrow it.

Use your bacteria’s gene

In this world, there is no such thing as a free lunch. It is time to get your bacteria to “sing” for their supper.

Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria. It is estimated that the average human carries at least 1000 different species of bacteria. Out of the 1000 “free loaders”, at least a couple should be carrying a gene to make lactose.

Put these guys to work on digesting that glass of milk.

A spoonful of milk makes the milk go down

Researchers from Purdue University have found that lactose intolerance can be beat just by consuming a little bit of milk, on a regular basis.

If you’ve gone cold turkey on the milk, your bacteria will be out of practise. A glass of milk will leave them bewildered and unable to rise to the occasion.

By feeding them small amounts regularly, you will get them in the habit of producing lactase. After a few weeks of practise, they will be champion milk digesters, so all the gas will be a thing of the past.

A glass and a half on a full stomach

You do need to ease into it slowly.

The team from Purdue recommend a half a glass of milk on a full stomach. Do this at the end of every meal for a couple of weeks.

The small change to your diet will cultivate milk digesting microflora and eliminate the discomfort associated with lactose intolerance.

Milk those bacteria

You’re providing them with a cosy home, so milk them for what they’re worth. Put your gut microflora on a milk digesting training programme today, so you can enjoy the health benefits of dairy.

PS. If you’re interested – digesting sushi also requires “practice”.

Lactose intolerance ? Get milk.  Press release from Purdue University

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  1. rosa says:

    this makes me think of allergies, the allergist gives you a little of what yoru allergic to to build up tolerance. I had allergy shots for dust mites fungus and cats. I used to get really headachy around cats and mildew. now it is not there I can pet cats without a problem.

    I know many say that many humans lose lactase so that means humans do not need milk, as milk is for babies. boy they sure don’t know their history. check the history of mankind over 1000′s of years and you see plenty of milk used and their by products, the russians made a fermented drink from it, the arabs used camels milk the same way.

    many northern farmers relied on milk and meat for their susteance during the winter when fruits and veggies were in short supply. I personally love milk, I still get a little gasey but no cramps or the runs. a little gas x takes care of it,

    i wish I could get raw milk around here. it is simply been outlawed no doubt to protect corporate interests not me..


    • Dr Sandy says:

      Fortunately in South Africa there is no legislation preventing you from purchasing raw milk. I agree with you better to drink it direct from mother nature.

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