Spoons for ………… the sick & tired

big sick and tired spoonAs a sick and tired spoon you are either  “really” sick i.e. you have something really wrong with you or  you just feel that “your get up and go has got up and went”.

 Whether you are wearing a label or not, most of us are not in perfect  shape.  The root of this dis-ease is metabolic imbalances.   Getting the 7 Big Spoon™s right – will probably go along way to improving your health.   It’s not magic, but balancing out the chemistry inside, will improve how you feel on the outside. 

 The blog  focuses on diseases which arise because of metabolic disruptions, often referred to as metabolic syndrome or syndrome X.   So there are lots of stories on obesity and it’s evil twin, diabetes.   Inflammation (caused by metabolic imbalances) is  the root of a long list of other diseases including heart disease,  Alzheimer’s Disease  and cancer.  

Other diseases/conditions which are discussed from  time to time on the blog are..

  • Depression, ADHD, autism and dependence
  •  HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria
  • GIT disturbances