Salt is one of those spoons we are programmed to “hate” but  sodium plays a vital role in generating the electricity in your body so too little is just as big a problem as too much.

A little salt physiology


 salt causing blood pressure to rise big thirst number crunching 
Mother nature can handle salt  Could your salt intake be making you fat ?  Crunching salt numbers really does add up to obesity


Some  troubles associated  with too little salt and too much…..

water poisoning Fire breathing helicobacter pylori  sausage punching heart
Caution – too little salt is a killer Salt stokes the fires of the belly Sausages beat up your heart but steak is heart neutral

Understanding some of the appeal of salt…

supertasters taste buds in your ears  
Salt addiction is triggered by supersensitive taste buds Did you know that you have taste buds in your ears ?