Stop listening to your eyes they’re not in the hunger loop

serving yourself you often server moreWe eat to keep our brain happy, although at times we do take cognisance of the opinion of the gut, as it contributes to the chemical mix that steers hunger.

Brain happiness depends on keeping the brain, a bit of a pig when it comes to energy needs, satisfied by providing a continuous supply of sugar.

But every now and again, instead of taking our eating cue from the brain, we allow the view point of the eye to dictate our eating behaviour.

Kitchen counter versus table dining

Researchers from Cornell Food and Brand Lab discovered that placing serving dishes on the dinner table, leads to eating more.

78 volunteers were served two identical meals.

  • In the first meal, the food was served on a counter located separately from the table.
  • In the second meal, the food was brought to the table and placed in serving dishes.

Seeing is eating

When the serving dishes were kept off the table, people ate 20 % fewer calories.

It really was a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

Serve here, eat there

So if you are calorie counting, make sure you don’t catch sight of those not quite empty dishes.

The eye will suggest you just finish off the last little bit so it doesn’t “go to waste”, even though the brain has already announced “I am FULL”.

The few extra mouthfuls are all that it takes to shift the equation to more energy in, than out. Adopt the kitchen-counter diet and avoid packing on the pounds.

New Study : The kitchen-counter diet press release from Cornell Food & Brand Lab.   

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