Is a shortage of bubble wrap causing the trouble in obesity ?

Fat being wrapped for storageStoring something that is round in a cupboard is quite a challenge. Round objects really don’t stack very well. The only way to pack them nice and tight, is to wrap them in something that fills up the holes.

This is precisely what fat cells do, to maximize their storage capacity.

The enzyme CCP wraps the fat

Researchers from Yale University have begun to “unpack” how fat is package in the fat cell. The process depends on an enzyme called CCP (phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase).

CCP picks up each droplet of fat, then carefully wraps it in a bubble wrap made of phosphatidylcholine.

CCP can’t keep up

Trouble happens when CCP is being required to keep the process going on a continuous basis, because the supply of fat droplets never wanes.

The reason for the overload is because excess calories are being consumed. Any calorie that is not needed, must be stored for later.

In the overfed, later never comes, so packing and storing the fat is a FULL time job.

As CCP succumbs to fatigue and overwhelm, the individual droplets end up fusing together to form enormous globules.

The fatty liver problem

One of the first spots in the body to accumulate these giant globules is the liver.

When this happens, a scan of the liver shows up big globules of fat, leading to a diagnosis of non alcoholic fatty acid disease.

Fatty liver is the beginning of many of the health problems associated with obesity.

Unfortunately, with time, the amorphous mass of fat can cause the liver to malfunction, ultimately leading to liver disease. A growing problem, as waistlines continue to expand.

A shortage of bubble wrap ?

Fat is a lot like petrol (gasoline), it really is a concentrated collection of carbon and hydrogens, the energy is stored in the bonds within the hydrocarbon molecules. Respiration is the process that cells used to pull the bonds apart and release that energy.

High energy molecules are great for a fire, but not a good idea to just have lying around, because they are highly combustible.

Mini-fires within the adipose tissue, result in fat cells dying and a big inflammatory storm. Low grade inflammation underpins obesity and contributes to the pathology of being overweight.

Dampening the fires with omega-3 is one way to overcome the side-effects of obesity.

Could providing extra bubble wrap do the same thing ?

Several research groups have reported that supplementing with lecithin provides benefits to people battling obesity.

NOTE : Lecithin is a mixture of many compounds which includes phosphatidylcholine. Eggs and liver are a great natural sources of phosphatidylcholine.

So if you’re in the fat storage business – make sure you’re providing your fat cells with packing materials to keep the fat droplets safe and sound.

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