Diet pills are like a game of Russian roulette – the odds are against you !

diet pill dealing cardsWhat is in that ALL NATURAL diet pill ?

As a pharmacologist, I have a deep love for chemicals. BUT, before I would ever consider swallowing a chemical, I need to know what it REALLY does, the good, the bad and the ugly. Armed with this information, there would be a careful weighing up of the pros and cons.

So I am a little surprised how many people reach for a bottle of pills to lose weight, often bought from a “non-medical source”, without giving it too much thought.

The chemistry behind diet pills

I am not going to tell you that none of them work, although the vast majority of those lotions and potions are relying on a placebo effect (i.e. it’s in your head). The pills have either no active ingredient or not enough, to make much difference, but some products really do work, in the short-term at least but you often pay a hefty price.

There are a variety of chemicals, which can find their way into a diet pill. Some are manmade, but many come courtesy of mother nature i.e. they are ALL NATURAL.

A quick summary of some common diet pill strategies, the chemicals :-

  • Suppress your appetite – typically they do this, by stimulating your sympathetic nervous system, the flight and fright response of your body. Green tea, caffeine etc all fall in this category.
  • Get your gut moving – the ingredient acts as some kind of gut irritant. An irritated gut works hard to get rid of the irritation – belching it up and out is one route, but the more common approach, is to move it through the gut VERY quickly. If what you eat, races through the gut, there is less time for absorption to take place, so less calories are absorbed.
  • Dry you out – the ingredient acts as a diuretic, a chemical that encourages you to pee out “extra” water. If there is less water in you, you end up weighing a little less.
  • Feed a friend – it still happens, the weight loss remedy includes a few worm eggs, usually tapeworm. If you have to share all your food with a friend, less calories will be absorbed.
  • Fill you up – the ingredients add volume to your gut i.e they absorb water so they take up space, making your feel fuller. Full stomachs don’t send out hunger signals, so you are less likely to chow down.
  • Stimulate your thyroid – thyroid hormones play a role in determining your basal metabolic rate. If you’re short of thyroid hormone it most definitely can cause you to accumulate pounds, but too much turns you into a psychotic jumping jack.
  • Counter the BLUES – feeling miserable can make you eat more. Many of the anti-depressants on the market make you feel a little better, so you don’t feel like stuffing your face all the time. They do help some people lose weight, initially, but the pounds usually creep back after about 6 months.

All of the chemicals can help you cook the books , each has pros and cons.

THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS A CHEMICAL WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS – if there are no side effects, there is no chemical in it. Natural does not equal SAFE, the most toxic chemicals on the planet are produced by “Mother Nature”.

Think – before you swallow

Before you part with your hard earned money, ask a few questions……

The first thing to ask yourself – what is in it ? If the ingredients are listed, consider the risks versus benfits. Anytime, this is a big secret – WORRY.

It might be worth contemplating why the ingredients are not listed : -

  • Is it because the ingredients are illegal / toxic / dangerous ?
  • Is it because the manufacturer doesn’t know ?

If the ingredients are listed, the next question to ask yourself – how do I know this ?

HINT : Because the bottle tells me, is probably not a full proof method, in fact, the phenomenon of marketing, means that you should be sceptical of all information on any package. Things you might be looking out for :-

  • Is there any indication on the bottle that there has been some kind of quality control ? References to GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practise) are a good sign.
  • Is it manufactured by a identifiable entity ? I’m not just talking about branding, is there an address, some kind of contact information.
  • Where does the product come from ? I know this is really being a little prejudiced, but if it comes from China or a medicine man from the jungle, BE CAUTIOUS. Any country that doesn’t have strict guidelines regarding medicines, is inherently more risky.
  • Who is selling it ?   Did you buy it at a “medical” establishment of some kind ?   Or did you buy it from an independent distributor i.e. a salesperson peddling the product for a living ?   Or did you buy it off the internet ?

The internet probably is the most dodgy point of purchase, because if something goes wrong, hunting them down will be IMPOSSIBLE. However, a one-on-one sales encounter with a “trained” salesperson can be very hard to resist, try remember, you don’t owe them anything ! And, a bunch of scientific references, does not automatically mean the pill is good for you.

Magic pills only exist in fairyland

Pills that promise to turn you from a wobbly fat lump into a thin supermodel, belong in fairy land. Losing weight is ALWAYS hard work.

Don’t fall for the marketing hype.

Weight loss ultimately boils down to

Energy in < energy out

The most effective way to do this – get you body chemistry balanced.

“Pills” can sometimes speed up the process, by manipulating the chemistry, but what you eat, think and do, ultimately dictates your body chemistry.

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