When to cheat while on diet

dessert for breakfastDieting means

  • Incessant dreams of chocolate cake
  • A constant feeling of deprivation, because you can’t have the chocolate cake
  • Moments of failure, as the chocolate cake temptation becomes unbearable
  • A mouthful of chocolate cake which tastes good and bad at the same moment, but ends on a BAD note
  • Followed by hours of feelings of guilt and condemnation
  • And an unforgiving scale

Good news, researchers from Tel Aviv University have found a way to include chocolate cake and other delicious munchies into a DIET programme.

It’s all in the timing

So how can indulging in chocolate cake, when on diet, BE OKAY ?

The key is to indulge early on in the day i.e. the chocolate cake must be eaten as part of breakfast.

We’ve all heard the saying………..

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper

Unfortunately, following the suggestion is problematic when you roll out of bed IN A HURRY !

But this is more than a quaint saying – scientifically speaking, the body is on maximum burn power early on in the day. So in theory there is more wiggle room for extra calories.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University put the theory to the test by signing up a cohort of 193 obese non-diabetic adults to their special diet programme.

Testing out the chocolate cake diet

Calories were strictly counted – the underlying premise of any successful diet program.

Men could eat 1600 calories per day and women 1400. The participants were advised to follow a low carbohydrate eating plan.

But half of the dieters got handed the “chocolate cake” bonus.

In the “chocolate cake” bonus, dieters were required to consume 600 calories for breakfast. And now for the tough part of the bonus – it had to include something “dessert-like” e.g. chocolate cake.

Everyone was required to diet for 32 weeks.

Chocolate cake diet more successful in the long run

The participants were monitored along the way. At 16 weeks progress was steady. Everyone had lost weight. There was no big difference between either programme.

But in the second half of the programme – things changed.

The dieters who were soldiering on without any foody rewards, started to pick up the weight they had lost.  But the chocolate cake dieters continued to lose weight.

When weight loss was added up at the end – the biggest losers were those eating a big, somewhat indulgent breakfast.

Dieting is about the LONG RUN

It really doesn’t matter which diet you follow – if you cut calories you will lose weight.

Because weight management always boils down to

Calories in = calories out.

The hard part about dieting is keeping the weight off.

Most people lose it and then put it back on, with a little extra. The problem is a head one.

  1. The body doesn’t like to be stripped of its fat supply. It has squirreled the stuff away for a rainy day. The rainy day happens – you go on diet. The body wants to get the supply back up, because ANOTHER RAINY DAY IS COMING ! Your next diet.
  2. The first three letters of diet spells D-I-E. Sticking to a restrictive diet is HARD, REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD.

A little chocolate cake in the morning helps with point 2.

Doing it in the morning, makes it easier for the body to handle it.

The chocolate cake diet

Adding chocolate cake to the menu solves the deprivation issue.  This helps dieters keep CONTROL.

Keeping CONTROL ensures that those unexpected calorie surges, which typically scuttle weight loss efforts, are avoided.

Desserts for breakfast ?

For those of you who just do coffee – the thought of eating dessert for breakfast may be repulsive.  But you can train your brain /stomach.

This might just be the ticket to having your cake and eating it.

Meal timing and composition influence ghrelin levels, appetite scores and weight loss maintenance in overweight and obese adults. Steroids, 2011; Daniela Jakubowicz, Oren Froy, Julio Wainstein, Mona Boaz.

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