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Nobel prize winners drink milkDo you aspire to be or do, something spectacular and hopefully in the process, makes lots of money.

Being a prodigy, usually takes lots of hard work, good genes and a certain amount of luck.

But………. does it take anything else ?

This week’s Neurotechnology Tip explores what it takes to think like a Nobel Prize winner…… the answer might surprise you.

Nobel prize winners grow up in a world awash with cows and milk.

How now brown cow

Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

This bazaar finding comes from an analysis of current Nobel Laureate prize winners.

The research team suspected the recipe for creating a Nobel prize winner, started at grass roots level, specifically down on the farm.

So they gathered the stats on milk consumption in different lands, paying particular attention to nations that had produced Nobel Prize winners.

To make the comparison, they arbitrarily chose to go back to the year 2007, because the Food and Agriculture Organization had spent some time doing the milk consumptions calculations that year.

Big milk drinking countries included Sweden, Switzerland and Finland. The average citizen in these nations drank in excess of 300 kg of milk that year.

This stood in stark contrast to the citizens of China, who didn’t even manage 30 kg of milk that year.

Cows and brains

Amazingly milk consumption correlated well with medal haul, especially when the medal haul was related to the number of brains in the population.

Sweden, Switzerland and Finland are on top of the medal tables. All the big medal winners are BIG MILK drinkers.

China, who despite the millions of brains within its borders, has only managed to win a few of these coveted thinking medals, shows a lack lustre performance. But……. Chinese don’t drink much milk.

Milking the genius ?

Is it really the milk……… well let’s just say, there are probably a whole bunch of confounding variables i.e. other things that could be contributing to the milk drinking nations creaming the Nobel Prize medal haul.

But, milk is an excellent choice if you’re looking to develop brain power.

And as a beverage, it certainly beats both fizzy cold drinks and fruit juice, plus contrary to popular opinion, it won’t make you fat.

Cream it this year, with a little full cream milk magic.

Milk, chocolate and Nobel prizes. Practical Neurology, 2013; 13 (1): 63 S. Linthwaite, G. N. Fuller.

To wire up your brain a little each week ………………..

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