Do the brain shuffle and get those juices flowing in your brain

Studying is one of those activities that often requires lots of sitting. The trouble with sitting glued to one spot, is that bits and pieces of you start to stagnate.

This week’s Neurotechnology Tip is designed to help you out if you’re about to hunker down, for a prolonged study session.

Give your enzymes a wake up call

“Sitting” at your desk for hours shuts down enzymes in the bloodstream which help your body process fat making you “fat” and listless so…

Why don’t you set the alarm on your cell phone to go off every hour to remind yourself to move a little and try out this exercise, based on acupuncture principles. ECG studies have shown this activity to get the juices flowing in your brain.

The brain shuffle

brain shuffle

Step one – grab your right ear with your left hand.

Step two – grab your left ear with your right hand

Step three – squat down and then come back up. Careful you don’t topple over.

Brain shuffle will bring BIG BRAIN BENEFITS

The benefits of this simple routine are enormous.

This one exercise will improve your ability to think, maximize your fat burning, decrease your chances of developing one of the major modern health scourges and ensure that everyone watching knows who you are.

On a serious note

Schedule regular breaks – staring mindlessly at the book for hours is not the same as actually actively learning. So throw in a little activity into the study session.


To wire up your brain a little each week ………………..

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