Suffering from high blood pressure – you need a vampire ?

vampire dracula fixing metabolic syndromeAn encounter with ANY vampire – is a chilling prospect !

But this post is not about the L-I-T-T-L-E ones, routinely encountered on warm summer nights – these guys only pinch a drop or two of your precious blood. This post is about vampires that can pinch a truck load.

Now this is SCARY.

B-I-G vampires

Countless tales exist of encounters with these vampires.

A lot of the time, these stories take place in the middle of the night, in BIG castles ……….. and involve shadows flitting through the air, preying on unsuspecting “victims”.

Fear, terror, trauma. A situation to be avoided at ALL COSTS.

But………… B-I-G vampires operate in the day too. They frequent shopping malls, workplaces and schools.

They too are associated with fear, terror, trauma.

But these day time vampires, are not draining your precious life force………. but sharing this cherished gift of life, with another. The victim of some terror, either an accident, surgery or disease.

Blood givers gain

The act of donating blood is viewed as altruism, but the funny thing about random acts of kindness………. they have a habit of coming back.

Blood letting gives back. And we’re not talking about giving back with the warm fuzzy feeling, that you’ve SAVED the life of a nameless stranger.

It actually serves the giver, directly.

The blood suckers swoop in

A session or two of blood letting, is enough to let out a little inner pressure and lower your risks of a cardiovascular event. This is the finding of at team of researches from Berlin and Duisburg-Eissen University, who donned on vampire outfits and “sucked” the blood out of patients suffering from metabolic syndrome.

64 people were included in the study – 33 of them were “sucked”, while the remaining 31 served as the control. The patients continued with their normal life and usual meds.

NOTE : Quite a few of them were taking drugs to keep all the problems associated with metabolic syndrome i.e. high blood pressure, high sugar and high cholesterol levels in check.

Patients donating blood – did so on day 1 and again on day 28. On the first occasion 300 ml of blood was removed, on the second occasion between 200 – 500 ml was removed, depending on the their serum iron levels.

Trip the inner pressure valve

Six weeks later ………… the peeps who had been “sucked”, showed significant reductions in their systolic blood pressure levels.

On average their blood pressure dropped by 18.55 mmHg, this is as effective as one of those expensive anti-hypertensive drugs, the controls blood pressures, remained stable over the 6 week period.

In addition to their blood pressure levels being down – their other significant numbers, also showed improvement. Blood glucose levels were lower, heart rates were lower and the cholesterol numbers had improved too.

Pressure valve is too much iron

The reason for the benefit is unlikely to be solely due to less blood coursing through the blood vessels. If you do lose blood, your bone marrow cells, kick up a notch and replace the cells rather snappily, by six weeks the blood volume has returned to normal.

The effect is more than likely due to the fact that iron levels have dropped. Iron is one of those things you need, but too much can cause TROUBLE. The trouble stems from the fact that in excess it causes oxidative stress. And oxidative stress, is what ultimately causes body break downs.

Ironing out the metabolic turmoil

If you’re suffering from metabolic syndrome – maybe it is time to let the iron out and bring down your blood pressure.

This is a health move that won’t cost you a dime, just an hour or two of your time, as you DONATE BLOOD. And most times you get munchies and something to drink FOR FREE’ as a reward for your generousity.

You’ll definitely be SAVING someone else’s life and might just be doing your own, a whole lot of good too.

Effects of phlebotomy-induced reduction of body iron stores on metabolic syndrome: Results from a randomized clinical trial. BMC Medicine (2012) 10:54.  Khosrow S Houschyar, Rainer Lüdtke, Gustav J Dobos, Ulrich Kalus, Martina Bröcker-Preuss, Thomas Rampp, Benno Brinkhaus and Andreas Michalsen.

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