Does your granny have a smoking gun on the bedside table ?

exploring the bedside tableAs you get a little older and more bits don’t quite work properly, the collection of pills on the bedside table begins piling up.

The pills are there for different reasons,

The point, all of them are chemicals, which when taken in excess are potentially toxic.

Yes, but who would be so silly as to take the whole box of pills in one foul swoop ?

Busy little visitors

Visiting granny, gramps or the funny old lady with the 7 cats, maybe a routine thing or just an occasional treat for a kid.

But visits to “strange” places can be exceptionally FUN, especially if you get to do a little exploring.

And bedside tables can be a treasure trove of interesting goodies, knick nacks and teeth floating in jars (this was my favourite part of granny visits) and BINGO, a supply of colourful yummy, SWEETS.

Meet the “person” silly enough to take the whole box of pills in one foul swoop.

The reason for lots of emergency room visits

Popping pills is a way of life for young and old.

In homes with small children, everyone is tuned into making the home CHILD FRIENDLY.

But, if the pitter patter of little feet in a home, is the exception, not the rule, thinking CHILD FRIENDLY takes a back seat to thinking, ME FRIENDLY.

It is definitely most convenient to keep that water pill right next to the bed, especially if you’re in the habit of forgetting.

And when you have 6 different pills to take, getting it “right” can be quite taxing, so a cute little daily-dose dispenser tucked away in the corner of the kitchen, is a great way to keep your pill popping on track.

So where are your pills ?

The University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital decided to test out just where people were storing their pills.

The poll results showed,

  • 23 percent of grandparents and 5 percent of parents, were storing prescription meds in easy-to-access places.
  • 18 percent of grandparents and 8 percent of parents, admitted to storing their over-the-counter medicines in easily accessible spots.

If you had been one of the people polled – would your meds be out-and-about too ? If your pills are in an accessible spot, are they at least in a child-proof container ?

Make sure it doesn’t happen

An accidental poisoning is something you really don’t expect to happen. But the unexpected can happen.

Caring for little ones is probably quite good for older folks, but if you do, even if it is only once in a blue moon, make sure those medicines are safely stored and out of reach. And if you’re a Mom, using an older person as a babysitter – gently remind them to keep their pills out of reach of those very busy little hands.

Popping pills has become a way of life – don’t let it accidently take a life which is precious to you.

 Nearly 1 in 4 grandparents store prescription medicines where children can find them - press release University of Michigan Health System

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