Serving your man peas and carrots can lead to infidelity

the two sides of broccoliYou love him so much, motivated by love and the desire to spend the golden years together, you slave away in front of the hot stove, preparing a REAL FOOD dinner, with generous servings of vegetables.

Unfortunately, your man may not see this dinner as an act of love, for him, there is nothing romantic about broccoli and carrots. Love to him is a meal filled with foods HE loves – pizza or pasta, washed down with a glass of Coke or better yet, a beer. 

He will eat it…………… but he won’t like it and he might even cheat on you.

It’s not romantic if you HAVE TO

Researchers from the University of Michigan School of Public Health discovered just how much men dislike being forced to eat their greens. The team uncovered how broccoli was creating hostility in homes, when they conducted interviews with men, forced to “GO ON DIET”.

To clarify, the dieting was not initiated by their wives, but driven by commands from their physicians to “shape up” to avoid “shipping out”.

Doctors orders go unheeded

The 83 men who were interviewed, expressed a great deal of dissatisfaction when their wives tried to make them “EAT HEALTHY”. Their biggest gripe – a lack of consultation.

Many admitted to swallowing the greens at home, to “keep the peace”, but cheating on the side, by binging at all-you-can-eat buffets outside of the house.

Don’t treat him like a kid

Yes, you’re right – he is acting like one

  • by ignoring the doctor’s orders and
  • blaming you, for the necessary changes in his diet

But this research suggests treating him like a child, is counter productive.

The key to getting a married man to accept healthier eating behaviours is to make “him” a senior officer in the war i.e. negotiate the strategies. Make him think that he is in charge and leading the fight.

The art of war

The dinner table often ends up being the primary battle ground, in the fight for better health.

Draw up battle plans menus that ensure the fight is against bad body chemistry, rather than an undeclared food fight – with you as the unwitting protagonist.

PS. Make sure you’re feeding your genes and be sure to include sorting out the 7 Big Spoons™ in your battle plans.

The 7 Big Spoons™…. are master switches that turn health on.

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Balance Eicosanoids Rein in insulin Dial down stress Sleep ! Increase Vit D Culivate microflora Think champion
“She Looks out for the Meals, Period”: African American Men’s Perceptions of How Their Wives Influence Their Eating Behavior and Dietary Health.Health Psychology (2012) Julie Ober Allen, Derek M. Griffith, Henry C. Gaines

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