Sedentary living is creating sperm spuds, not studs

sperm pumping ironYou wouldn’t consider running a marathon without a little training, but this is effectively what you’re asking your little guys to do. Sperm are swimming the race of their lives. It takes stamina and strength (and a good sense of direction), to reach the egg princess at all, never mind be there first.

Modern day sperm seem to be struggling. Study after study, suggests that sperm quality is declining, contributing to fertility woes, for more and more couples.

If you’re a couch potato, so are your sperm

Now to be fair – it is tough out there. Dangerous chemicals, sabotaging foods and things, lurk round every corner. Sperm are vulnerable.

But, research from the University of Cordoba, suggests one of the things contributing to dud sperm, is sedentary living.

It seems if you’re spending too much time on the couch, by association, so are your sperm. And sperm that are lounging around on the couch are spuds, not studs.

The sperm bodybuilding contest

The research team analyzed the general hormonal neighbourhood in which the sperm were developing, as well as how macho the sperm were, in two groups of men

31 healthy men, submitted sperm for “the contest”, I mean experiment……

Each man’s sperm was assessed in terms of….

  • Liquefaction and viscosity i.e. how runny/gooey it was. Good quality sperm need to be footloose and fancy free, to get where they’re going.
  • Spermatozoid concentration and volume i.e. how many of the little guys there were – the more the merrier.
  • Physical characteristics i.e. the colour and pH. Clear is good, green is PROBLEMATIC. Sperm swimming about in an acidic environment, find their viability somewhat soured.
  • Motility i.e. how good they’re at swimming. Sperm that can’t swim, aren’t going far.
  • Morphology and vitality i.e. what kind of shape the little guys are in. Two headed monsters won’t make good Dads.
  • Presence of other stuff – specifically lots of white blood cells (leukocytes) or anti-sperm antibodies. These free loaders, severely cramp the sperm’s style.

In addition to looking carefully at the studs and duds, the team also measured the levels of key hormones. The hormone list included…

The handsome hunks all worked out

The team found that men who were out and about strutting their stuff, for the most part produced better sperm.

The sperm LOOKED good and the environment they were developing in, was sperm friendly.

The handsome hunks all worked out a LITTLE. The duds were couch potatoes.

NB. These guys were strutting their stuff, they weren’t bench pressing ALL DAY. Men who subject their body’s to punishing physical routines tend to produce luds, not studs.

Move moderately

So if you want to produce studs – get off that couch and give your little guys a bit of a workout.

Moving a little more won’t make you skinny, but getting off the couch is still an excellent health move………… you’ll be getting a pretty good two for one deal, which will help create an army of a little studs.

Physically active men show better semen parameters and hormone values than sedentary men. European Journal of Applied Physiology (2012) 112 (9): 3267 Diana Vaamonde, Marzo Edir Silva-Grigoletto, Juan Manuel García-Manso, Natalibeth Barrera, Ricardo Vaamonde-Lemos.  

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