Use peanuts to power gold medal sports performances

high fat soccer player beats out low fat playerIf you’re a sporty type, looking to boost your performance, then eat more FAT.

Pound for pound, fat has twice the energy count of a carb. This makes them twice as fattening, if you’re consuming them as excess calories, but it also means they can take you twice as far, if you’re burning calories.

When you need more fuel, fat can provide the ……….

Extra calories to criss cross that soccer field

Researchers from the University of Buffalo experimented with the diet’s of nine female soccer players.

The ladies performance on the soccer field was tested, when they ate their normal diet plus a few extra calories. The 415 extra calories, came from either

  • oil-roasted peanuts i.e. carbs = 51 %, fats = 35 %
  • a carbohydrate-rich energy bar i.e. carbs = 63 %, fats = 24 %

The special diet programme was followed for 7 days during the luteal phase (the second half) of the menstrual cycle.

Fat scores the goal

The researchers couldn’t assess the actual performance on the field accurately , so they used endurance testing in the lab, to mimic soccer play.

When the ladies munched on peanuts, they were able to criss cross the soccer field for 15 % longer, before succumbing to exhaustion.

In the lab, the ladies managed to run on the treadmill an extra 1.2 to 1.5 kilometers, averaging 11.2 km on the higher fat diet. The carbohydrate-rich energy bar caused them to perform a little worse than they would have on their normal diet. They averaged 10 km on their normal diet and 9.7 km on the carbohydrate-rich energy bar.

Women are better fat metabolizers

This marked improvement in performance was a lady thing.

Men loading up with peanuts versus a carbohydrate-bar only perform marginally better. Although they too performed better on the higher fat diet.

Turns out estrogen does a little bit more than create those female curves, mood swings and brain fogs, it helps women use fat.

Female athletes run on fat

It almost sounds like heresy, the health gurus are continually proclaiming the dangers of fat, but as an athlete you need extra calories to super charge your performance.

Maximize your performance by getting your body chemistry working at its best.

Get the extra calories you need from fat while keeping the level of inflammation down. Don’t forget to do a little sun tanning too, to protect yourself from muscle injuries.  

Fat an important part of female runners’ diets  press release from University at Buffalo. 

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