Catch more memories with a little omega-3

omega-3 catching memoriesSuperior thinking, depends on being able to juggle lots of facts and all those facts need to be held in one location, your working memory. So… as a rule, the bigger your working memory is, the better your academic performance.

The size of your working memory depends on genetics and PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE.

This week’s Neurotechnology Tip provides a way to improve your working memory, that doesn’t involve hitting the books.

Gathering working memory champions

A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh set about making great minds work better.

Instead of starting with old worn out brains, which is what scientists often do, the team chose to work with healthy young adults in the prime of their thinking.

They enrolled 18-25 year olds in their study. At the start of the study, each of the x participants was put through a serious brain workout. The workout included a PET scan (positron emission tomography), blood tests and a working memory test, known as the “n back test”.

Supplementing with omega-3

The participants were all pretty well endowed with brain smarts – so they came through the tests with flying colours.

The participants then began taking an omega-3 supplement.

The supplement they were given was high grade stuff – they took Lovaza®, which is classified as a drug, not a supplement and requires a prescription.

After 6 months on the supplement, they repeated the brain scan, blood tests and working memory test.

Recipe for bigger working memory

The fabulous brains, got even better. Performance on the working memory test was enhanced.

This study confirms omega-3 supplementing, is not just good for old broken brains or developing brains trying to get it together, omega-3 helps ALL BRAINS – think better.

Catch more information with a little omega-3

You’re not too young to benefit from a memory boost… And if you’re nibbling and sipping soda as you swot, you may really need omega-3 to avoid brain rot.

Fortunately, you don’t need a fancy prescription to improve your omega-3 levels, regularly eating fish, especially fatty fish, should do the trick.

So go fishing and start catching more info in your working memory today !

PS. If you are not a fish person, then you probably should consider taking a supplement. Just make sure you buy one that says omega-3 only – it is the omega-3 that is enhancing your memory.

Improved Working Memory but No Effect on Striatal Vesicular Monoamine Transporter Type 2 after Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation. PLoS ONE (2012) 7 (10): e46832.  Rajesh Narendran, William G. Frankle, Neale S. Mason, Matthew F. Muldoon, Bita Moghaddam.

To wire up your brain a little each week ………………..

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