Pumping Iron – March 2013 edition of E-spoons

The March Edition editon of E-spoons is


pumping iron 

This month we’re ironing out what it takes to build better sperm.  Step one, you have to get moving to ensure you’re creating sperm studs, not spuds and you need to let the boys out to play, woof woof. When you’re pumping iron, make sure you’re beefing up.  You may need to turn down that iron pumping, install a red robot or hire a vampireto protect yourself from health troubles associated with too many irons. And make sure that the eye and the stomach, iron out their differences, to avoid kilogram expansion.

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balance eicosanoids rein in insulin dial down stress sleep vitamin D microflora think
Balance Eicosanoids Rein in insulin Dial down stress Sleep ! Increase Vit D Culivate microflora Think champion

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