To really enjoy that mug of steaming hot chocolate go orange

hot chocolate in orange mug the winnerIf you’re going to indulge – do it “right” .

This applies to all things in life, but particularly to food.

Every bite you pop into your mouth, creates a little chemistry. Granted, some chemistry is NASTY (think broccoli), but the vast majority of things we make a habit of popping into our mouths, create NICE chemistry (think chocolate).

This is why you feel tempted to “have another”, and “another” ……

The dilemma of indulging

The constant niggling to “watch” what you eat, causes too many people to indulge in forbidden things, surreptitiously. Now secret feasts can be emotional lifesavers, but often the secret sugar hit, fails to deliver the emotional high, because of the overarching guilt feelings.

So how do you do indulge “right” ?

Well, when it comes to sipping hot chocolate – doing it right, starts with choosing the cup from which to indulge.

Maximize the dopamine squirts

A couple of hot chocolate loving researchers, headed for the lab, to explore how to maximize the dopamine delivery, of their favourite beverage.

Aware that the colour of the container a food or drink is served in, impacts the taste and aroma – they asked 57 volunteers round, to sample hot chocolate served in four different plastic cups. The cups were the same shape and size, but they were different colours on the outside and white on the inside.

Over the course of the study, each volunteer enjoyed hot chocolate from a white, cream, orange and red cup. Each cup was evaluated – volunteers reported on sweetness, aroma etc.

Red is not hot chocolate friendly

Now when it comes to many things, RED is the cool colour, but in the case of hot chocolate, red is not hot chocolate friendly.

The volunteers found the hot chocolate to be best, when it was served in an orange or cream cup.

So are you drinking your hot chocolate out of an orange or cream cup ? Do you even have an orange or cream cup ?

Get some orange mugs NOW

Put it on the grocery list – an orange mug or two. You want to make sure you pamper yourself – optimally.

PS. You might also find yourself impressing friends and family when you serve hot chocolate in your new mugs, hearing “You make the BEST hot chocolate” will cause even more dopamine to be released. This is indulging OPTIMALLY.

The Influence of the Color of the Cup on Consumers’ Perception of a Hot Beverage. Journal of Sensory Studies (2012) 27(5):324-331. Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, Charles Spence

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