Chocoholics go dark to lessen food cravings

dark chocolate giving the hunger neuron a frightDoes all resistance crumble at the thought of chocolate ?  

Science suggests a little chocolate is actually good for you, even if it is not so good for dogs.  The big problem with chocolate, is it is often very difficult to just do A LITTLE.

But, thanks to the research from the University of Copenhagen, you can now have your chocolate without SUCCUMBING.

Experimenting with chocolate

The Danish team investigated the ability of chocolate to provide “satisfaction”.  On two different occasions 16 chocolate loving, normal weight, gentlemen were checked into the chocolate lab and made to eat chocolate. Mmmm.

On arrival, they were served 100 g of chocolate – the first time a slab of dark chocolate was on the menu, the second time, the chocolate on offer was milk chocolate.  The chocolate was wolfed down within 15 minutes – these guys came HUNGRY, having fasted for 12 hours prior to the start of the study.  

NOTE : The calorie content of  the dark chocolate and milk chocolate was identical.

Ordering pizza

As part of the chocolate experiment, the guys were asked at regular intervals about the presence/absence of hunger pangs and food cravings.

Two and a half hours after their chocolate fest, they were offered ALL YOU CAN EAT pizza.   They were told to fill up on the pizza. 

Being a participant in this study was really tough !

Dark chocolate a tasty appetite suppressant

Behind the scenes the research team tallied up the number of slices.  When the guys consumed the bar of dark chocolate, they ate less pizza.  

Dark chocolate dropped the calorie count by 15 %.

In addition, to eating less, the participants  also reported feeling less like eating sweet, salty or fatty foods  after munching on the dark chocolate.  

Its win-win-win  with dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is clearly a gift from the gods and should be marketed as a super health food.

  • It tastes fabulous,  especially from the second bite onwards. First bite can sometimes seem a little bitter, but by the time you’re on bite two, the bitterness fades into the background.
  • It is choc full of anti-oxidants – which  help keep that nasty oxidative stress levels in check. stress
  • It is a powerful SAFE appetite suppressant.  It  not only makes you feel less like munching on fattening things, it also stops you from overdoing it.  

Hope the Easter bunny drops by with a basket full for you.


Eating dark and milk chocolate: a randomized crossover study of effects on appetite and energy intake‘, Nutrition and Diabetes (2011) 1 (e21) .Sørensen, LB & Astrup

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